"Fun A Welt Wos Iz Nishto Mer" (Yiddish version) by Israel Joshua Singer as a PDF file converted from Unicode text - free download here
Lyrics and scores of Yiddish songs

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Last updated: 19 November 2017

Authors Lyrics in Yiddish (with Hebrew letters) Scores in MuseScore (a free of charge music notation software) format
The files can be also exported to MusicXML with MuseScore
The first verse in Yiddish is integrated under the melody line.
Mordechai Gebirtig (4 May 1877 - 4 June 1942) here here
Eliakum Zunser (28 October 1836 - 22 September 1913) here here
Mark Warshawsky (1848-1907) here here
Itzhak Katzenelson (1 July 1886 - 1 May 1944) Dos lid funem oysgehargetn yidishn folk  
Hirsh Glik (1922-1944) Word 2010 document, PDF file Shtil Di Nakht Is Oysgeshternt
Hersh David Nomberg (14 April 1876 - 21 November 1927) Word 2010 document, PDF file A Viglid
Shlomo Shmulevich (1863-1943) Word 2010 document, PDF file A Brivele Der Mamen
Abraham Goldfaden (24 July 1840 - 9 January 1908) here here
Isaac Leib Peretz (18 May 1852 - 3 April 1915) 4 children songs  
  Dos Gebet
composed by Janot Susja Roskin (1886-1946)
whole score (violin, voice, piano), violin part only
Joseph Brody (1877-1943) (composer)
Solomon Small (1868-1943) (lyricist)
Word 2010 document, PDF file Dus Bisele Glik, arrangement for Piano
Unknown here here